Finetuned User Navigation

The premise around SAP FUN is simple, taking the boring, monotonous look and feel, the overbearing and complex screens, out of SAP, and replacing it with a user interface that is not only easy to use, but looks and feels modern.

Leveraging of off the GuiXT Product Suite, bundled to all customers, we are able to provide a user experience to your employees that will put the FUN back into SAP.

Traditionally, a business process is defined, streamlined and optimised. Then supporting transactions for that process is configured, and ultimately exposed to your end-user community.

This "way of working" means extensive training and re-training, low user adoption, and the obvious incurring costs of wrong data being entered, time to enter the data, and, the loss of time from the normal "day job" that the user has.

GuiXT allows us to tailor make any userinterface without the need for costly ABAP developments, JAVA iViews, or any of the other enabling technologies. The platform is owned by every customer, as it is part of the BASIS Stack, BC-FES-GUIXT. GuiXT provide an additional layer of "icing" across the transaction level, to provide a simple, easy to use, easy to understand user interface, minimising your training effort, reducing your support calls, and allowing for a much higher user adoption ratio.

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