SAP Mobility Solutions and Services

What is true mobility?

Enterprise mobility is a challenge of complexity: a multitude of devices and connectivity options on the handheld side has to seamlessly meld with a multitude of applications, technology platforms and data formats in the back office. A successful mobility solution means all these elements have to be integrated, securely connected and effectively supported and managed.Documation Consulting Services understands the challenges of enterprise mobility and will help you navigate the diversity of these technologies. Enterprise mobility enables improved operational productivity and allows organisations to expedite time-consuming and often paper-driven processes. Where these processes extend into the field, mobility comes into its own.


Sales Force Automation

Mobility gives your sales force the tools they need for order-entry, shipment tracking and real-time CRM. The use of mobile devices increases accuracy and eliminates redundancy - and there’s no need to lug around piles of paperwork. Sales professionals become more responsive to customers through the capabilities offered by enterprise mobility. As more and more customers demand real-time sales decisions, mobility offers marked increases in sales force productivity. Add improvements that mobility brings to field marketing, surveys and CRM, and the advantages to your business’s sales force become immense.


Warehouse Management

Mobility allows for the execution of shop floor and warehouse management processes to happen in real time, exploiting the full potential of the information within your business systems. Every warehouse function can benefit from the power of mobility: from receiving to replenishment, picking and packing to shipping. Adding mobility to existing SAP® warehouse management systems further reduces the total cost of ownership of the investment. Reducing costs in the warehouse and improving customer satisfaction and retention levels go hand-in-hand with reducing errors and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speed of order fulfillment. In addition, it offers effective control of inventory levels through improved operations visibility.


Distribution and Logistics

Documation provides comprehensive distribution and logistics mobility solutions enabling accurate information, well-timed analytics and the smooth flow of goods and assets throughout the value chain. Mobility means making real-time information available, throughout the enterprise, for planning, tracking and implementation functions, giving your business the competitive advantage.


Field Services

Mobility ensures that your field workers spend more time in the field performing critical tasks, and less time performing paperwork or administrative functions.


Our mobility offering include the SAP SYBASE product suite, GuiXT Access for Smartphone, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, as well as GuiXT Classig for traditional Windows Based handheld devices, Symbol Devices etc.


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