SAP Consulting

Documation Consulting Services is capturing the market with its innovative and expert consultants, who strive to find optimal PLM solutions for its customers, fully integrated with the SAP R/3 ® system. SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) is one of the three supporting pillars in the SAP Continuum, comprising of SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP PLM and SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management). SAP PLM is a grouping of technologies that assist in the management of the lifecycle of a product or asset, including its design, construction, maintenance and eventual retirement. The Documation focus is on:

Lifecycle Data Management.

SAP provides a dynamic environment for managing all product and asset information and data for the entire life cycle of such an asset or product. Functionality provided include:

  • Document Management - for the management of all engineering, technical and enterprise documentation.
  • Product Structure - Management to manage the relationships between business objects and documentation.
  • Integration Solutions - Including that for all major CAD systems.
  • Change and Configuration Management.


Change and Configuration Management process, including:

  • Engineering Change Management.
  • Order Change Management.
  • Configuration Management, including claim management.


Data and Document Archiving.

Like assets and products, data and documentation also have life-cycles. Statutory requirements force enterprises to manage and have access to documentation and data well beyond the retirement date of such assets or products. Data and document archiving provides that long term managed environment for all such information assets. Independent consulting services are provided to customers to:

  • Define archive requirements and objects.
  • Assist with the selection and implementation of third party archive solutions.
  • Implement enterprise data and document archive solutions.