Technology Consulting

The Documation NetWeaver Practice is focused on four areas:

People Integration
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Service
  • SAP Collaboration Portal Service
  • Single Sign-On Service
Information Integration
  • SAP Business Intelligence/ Strategic Enterprise Management Service
  • SAP Knowledge Management Portal Service
  • SAP Master Data Management Service
Process Integration
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure Service
Application Platforms
  • SAP Basis and Development Services on Java and ABAP Stacks

Documation NetWeaver Practice: Business Intelligence/ Strategic Enterprise Management Services

Documation has been actively engaged in delivering BI/ BW solutions with a focus on the following areas:

  • Analyzing business needs for data sources, content, presentation, and distribution
    • BW for ERP, HR, APO, CRM, SEM and non-SAP systems using the NetWeaver ESA adoption program
  • Mapping to appropriate SAP and non-SAP sources
    • From one or more ERP instance to a common BW system
  • Data Modeling to meet analytical reporting
  • Deploying standard business content
  • Developing Custom Cubes
  • Data Extraction and Validation from any source system
  • Reporting using BW native tools and other third party tools
  • Web based reporting via the WEB server or Portal
  • KPI Reporting and Executive Dashboards
  • Use of Enterprise Portal to publish Analytics SEM-BPS, BCS and CPM
  • Post-Implementations, Enhancements and Upgrades (BW versions 1.2, 2.0, 3X and 7)


Jumpstart your NetWeaver Initiatives with Our Packaged Solutions

The Documation Packaged Solutions are designed to give you a cost-effective, rapid implementation advantage along with training your team to maintain and expand the solution. You can choose from the offerings below to jumpstart your NetWeaver initiatives.

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal and KMC with integration of SAP BW and R/3 - 9 Weeks
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal with integration SAP BW and R/3 - 5.5C Weeks
  • SAP BI Starter Pack - 10 Weeks


SAP Post Implementation Support

The challenge in working with an ERP like SAP is to keep it up to the changes. An ERP should grow with the organization and should walk the way of the business, taking the curves it takes. When the system is left behind it becomes redundant and an obstacle to the progress of the business itself.

This is where Post Implementation Support works.

A typical Post Implementation Support Contract would include the following.

  • Reconfiguration or fine tuning of all the modules
  • Additional SAP reports, scripts and other custom developments
  • Performance Tuning
  • Implementation of additional SAP modules
  • SAP System maintenance (BASIS)
  • Interfaces with third party software (internal or external)
  • Version Upgrades and Roll outs
  • SAP User Training


SAP Report Juicer

Documation offers a hassle free, painless way to get your SAP reports done. Just send your requirements across to our lab and we will deliver the report to you through mail or right into your system. The process is so simple that your needs for Sap reports, whenever they arise, will look like another phone call. We can deliver the report to you in a shorter time for just ONE THIRD of the costs that onsite consultants will charge you.

We provide ongoing assistance to clients requiring custom report development within the SAP framework including:

  • Classical and Interactive
  • ABAP queries
  • ALV Reports and Views
  • Report Writer/Report Painter